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WINTER 'S SOLACE ... A Time To Shine Our Light

Updated: Mar 1

Deer Horns Moon Stars. Pinterest

The Solstice has past but the reminders of this cycle remain. Colder days and long nights, Brrrrrrrrrr. Though each day passing is a bit brighter than the last. A hopeful reminder in these times to stay the course. As it is more than temperature which challenges us during these ongoing cycles of nature which can teach us, guide us, and propel us to new horizons. So much of human nature may become docile, fearful and rigid when left to one’s own devices. So we look to nature to give us direction to guide our evolution, which is unique for each of us.

The Fall cycle reflected the lesson of letting go. As humans we are often ignorant of our inherent cycles, holding on to things needing to be released, from fear or habit or ignorance, while resisting changes which are healthy for our existence. Rather, we often fight to retain what is energetically already gone. Akin to carrying a dead weight with us. Rather than making room so Life can guide us to new and evolved levels to open doorways to further our Life's path. Whether these be issues of health, relationships, careers, unrealistic goals, old traditions, geographic locales, even our connective consciousness of obsolete belief systems; our pasts. Change is in the making and our egos do not like change. As often our pasts represent our security and the great unknown represents fear. However the change I refer to is the natural flow designed by a higher intelligence, not ones forced upon us by ego minds and power plays. To discern find that place of stillness which winter represents. Away from the outer world of 10,000 things.

As the leaves falling from trees do not deter the tree from remaining tall and proud until the cycle of renewal, so too do we continue to grow by letting go of what is no longer relevant to our next evolutionary step, to make room for what is asking to be birthed through for a new cycle to begin within. Conscious letting go allows vibrational evolution. And as above so below; when we let go to that which is Higher than just our basic and human needs, we allow the Universe to support our evolutionary process and open doors to our higher destiny. Whether this be in our emotional, spiritual, mental or physical realms, is an individual understanding of our higher purpose here on earth. In any case the end result is renewal. I am particularly reminded of this during these challenging changes in my own world. Be still, and believe. Not in man, but in our Creator.

Though the Solstice has past, it's lessons remain with us throughout the season...

A Full Moon and a Starry Sky. Carpathians, Ukraine

The long winter nights are not just for revelry, holidays and carnivals, but for deep contemplation and connection to God/Universe/Creator. By consciously utilizing this winter cycle to go within, which often is described as the dark night of the soul, and with Lunar energies supporting our path, we have the opportunity to outline our next course. Only we can do this for ourselves as we each discern that which is for our highest good, and for the good of our dharmic path on this earth. This is not about money, not about others, not about what someone can do for you or not do for you. But about evolving oneSelf to be all we can be, which will then attract all that which is right for each of us at this part of this journey. These cycles are here to support and assist for all who hear. Like the hand of God reaching down and gently reminding us of our heritage and power. Miracles can happen with such partnership at hand.

A powerful ritual we can use to assist, whether individually or in group, is to write down our fears as well as our aspirations, dreams, goals, and wishes on a piece of paper. And make an offer of what we have brought forth on paper into a ritualistic fire. Fire represents the alchemy of change. Fire is the only element that destroys the old to make room for the new. Then dance around this fire; dance your demons, dance your fears. Dance your dreams and desires. Dance your humanness and dance your Godliness. Dance with abandonment until you are spent of the dance. Even if your dance is within rather than physical...Dance your Spirit. Celebrate winter knowing that you are being guided to do greater things on earth in this incarnation. Which no man can put asunder...

permission: Visual Mozart

So my friends these powerful cycles are reminders to find time to remain still in the quiet of one's own space. Allow the longer nights of the season to give birth to your own inner light. Remain secure that this womb of creation, winter, is meant to be an inner journey of stillness for just a while. This dark night of the soul is the tunnel to our inner Light. The way home is through the heart. And when the way is shown intuitively, take courage to follow the path. The upcoming full moons of the season and all that come to fruition in our worlds during this powerful cycle reminds us that we create where we focus - so focus only the highest good in your world...have faith, and your gifts shall follow. No matter the distractions of the outer world of man and the lower energies of this planet. We are Children of this magnificent Universe, of the most High. Remember your birthright.

“This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine. This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine. This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine; let it shine, let it shine let it shine."

Especially in today's trying times...

Peace on Earth, Good Will toward Man/Woman/Child/Beast

One Love,

©Rosemarie Ceraso

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