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Updated: Mar 1

Today is Ash Wednesday, following Fat Tuesday of Madi Gras and Carnivale celebrations around the globe. During which revelers party for days on end until midnight when all bacchanal cease and the Lentin Holy Days of Easter begins. I have enjoyed these celebrations in Rio, Bahia, New Orleans, Trinidad and Tobago.

Ashes signify that which is left of the mortal body after its brief cycle on earth. As we release “the devil within” as portrayed by one of Trini's famous rhythms "JAB JAB" during their carnival celebration, we die to the old and make room to merge with the Divine during the days until Easter. This sacred tradition activates our own potential to evolve, using our bodies as a vehicle to do so.

Trinidad and Tobago Madi Gras - Jab Jab

The biblical teaching metaphorically shows Jesus alone without food or sustenance in the desert for 40 days and 40 nights. During this cycle he was tempted by the Devil 3 times to break his discipline, yet he persevered through will and faith. He emerged triumphant, guided by the Angelic realm and his inner strength, determined to complete his mission on earth; his Dharma.

What does this mean to us modern folk? This 40 day cycle of Lent which begins Ash Wednesday and culminates Easter Sunday; Ascension Day, is a test of discipline and faith. During Lent one sacrifices a favorite desire, letting go to a higher purpose through determination, stillness and prayer. An opportunity to triumph over temptations and distractions along the way. A powerful symbolic time, we learn to transcend the lower world to become self-empowered. Combined with discipline and consistency one can transcend earthly obstacles while still embodied, to a higher frequency of consciousness. 

Evolving into what I call our Authentic Selves. 

In the northern hemisphere in particular, this discipline is supported by the cold sparseness of our Winter season. In some Indigenous Native teachings we learn of Bear hibernating. When west on a Medicine Wheel, Bear teaches of going within while earth's energies are planted deep within the surface of earth. Bear medicine teaches to get out of our way and prepare a space for Spirit to replenish and renew for our next cycle. With the ferociousness of Bear we seek that quiet space of solitude to battle the enemy within and rise refreshed and triumphant.

We partner with this sacred cycle as well. An opportune time to still the body and soothe the Soul. And during this cycle to cleanse our body which helps cleanse our minds. As we release that which no longer serves us in body and mind, we cleanse our Spirit.
As we cleanse our Spirit we make room for miracles to manifest in our world. A simple yet powerful formula for living Life at the level of a higher Consciousness where Faith guides us...

From wherever we presently find ourselves, this is a powerful and holy cycle. As Christ's desert journey symbolizes, it's one we must traverse alone. As we die to old patterns we prepare for our own ascension. Christ's crucifixion was a gateway to the Infinite, a higher plane of wisdom and evolution. His teachings continue to resonate with all who understand his Word.


In shamanic teachings this cycle is also a powerful time to do a shaman’s journey to release the old and prepare for the shedding of one’s skin in making room for the new. 
During each shedding cycle there is growth. Today's world is rich with Sacred Teachings to assist and guide this journey to Self.

Enjoy the sacred power of this Holy season. Any seemingly austerity in your world, the “desert wasteland” of your current situation, can be used as stepping stones to move beyond. An opportunity to manifest your dreams. Let discipline, fortitude, consistency and Faith lead this cycle. Opening a doorway to a new day, a new consciousness, a rebirth.

Believe, and it is so.

One Love,

©Rosemarie Ceraso

Rosemarie offers shamanic teachings, both on line as well as private and group sessions. She can be reached through this site, email, or by phone or text @ 631-827-5277 for a free consultation

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