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Shamanic Guidance 

Assisting one's healing and evolution through ancient teachings

for modern times.

Shamanism - an ancient pathway to healing of body, mind and spirit. Not of any religion but a way of life. Not by any medical book rather teachings by Nature and Spirit to integrate with modern science. A  multi-dimensional pathway to healing and self-empowerment. Traditionally taught by medicine people worldwide over thousands of years, now morphed into a multi-disciplinary understanding of living our lives as part of a complex web of mysteries inter-weaving our physical world with that of the Infinite. You are invited on a journey to discover your authentic Self as we step into worlds without time or space; a vibrational school without borders.

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Peace and blessings on your journey to Wholeness...

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Well my friends - there has been a major detour on my path...


This past Spring in the throes of FIRE ENERGY my new abode burned down taking all with it.


Needless to say it has taken me through summer to re-establish myself on all levels. And Fall to heal through the letting go process. Winter to find comfort within as healing is always a process. And a test of ones Faith. Now back to Spring; time to move forward once again, as the Universe waits for no one.


And again another geographical change as I flow with the rivers of  Life, as the Universe seems to plant me where I am destined to be. Our world is moving and evolving quickly. I will be adding new developments in the field of Quantum Physics. How does that integrate with the ancient healing arts of shamanism? Amazingly well. Keep checking back as the wheels continue to turn.


As well as my next step to completing this ebook is once again a priority. I'll keep you all updated. If you would like to be contacted via my email newsletters please sign up below.

Thanks for sticking around. Life is a circle and the element of FIRE teaches us to accept our destiny. A challenging lesson for sure to begin again. But as the teaching goes, Fire is the only element that totally wipes out the old to create a new canvas for the new. Yet there is a sacrifice of faith to continue this journey. And knowledge as to how to persevere. To become a Warrior is essential and possible for each of us who stay on the path. And life is the training field.


FAITH, DISCIPLINE, VISION and TRUST the process. Take time to nurture and heal then move forward with a new vision. If you struggle to find one take my course. You will be ready to envision a new day, a new miracle. Remain planted on earth with head in the stars. Ask and you shall receive. Be patient. 


Stay tuned, Say in touch. Stay with hope that as long as there is breath, there is evolution still here on earth. See you on this side of Life. 





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Shamanic Journeying 

Discover one's power animals and spiritual guides to assist on your journey of empowerment and healing

Native Teachings

Walk one's path around the medicine wheel. Learning the rhythms of Life

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photo: Jack Heart

Shamanic Sojourns...

New courses

coming soon...

The Sacred Warrior

An exciting series of self-discovery through the ancient

art of Journeying. . 

The Art of Journeying 

connecting with our animal and spiritual guides

w/Rosemarie Ceraso, Urban Shaman

To get you started, or keep you focused on your healing journey I again

offer you an incentive to take that leap of faith...

Spring has Sprung!

New Beginnings. Time to Plant new seeds.

My gift to assist...



(use coupon ES100 at checkout)

A 6 session course

An exciting new series introducing the powerful ancient healing art of Shamanic Journeying.

We'll begin by understanding the potential we have beyond our 3-dimensional existence as

we learn to step out of ordinary reality and into the sacred landscapes which await us

within nature and the infinite.

Join me for my 6 session intriguing and exciting journey of self-discovery and empowerment.

A guided course for all levels. Once purchased the course is yours.

(Private sessions also available by appointment)



MasterMind 6 session course... 

For more info and to sign up please click this link...

What people are saying...

I have been privileged to work with Rosemarie Ceraso over many years. There are some distinguishing elements to Rosemarie’s shamanic healing work that I believe sets her apart from others in this field of transformational magic.  Her personal connection with the Spirit World has been an aspect of her life since she was a little girl and I came to know this through our work together. Her wisdom and gifts to be intuitive as well as prophetic are not learned talents as much as her Souls calling.

Rosemarie’s healing and Shamanic work is God sent especially now during these tumultuous times of personal and planetary change. If you do connect with her work the risk is “your life will change.” 

Working with Rosemarie awakened me to the need for deeper work than I had ever experienced before seeing her. The work goes beyond healing the person but also connects the generational wound each one of us carries.Thank You Rosemarie for your teaching and healing blessing.  Dr. Lenny Izzo

The (Art of Journeying) "How To Connect With Your Spirit Guides With A Shamanic Journey" course is one of the best gifts I could have given myself. Being new to the experience of Shamanic Journeying, I was amazed at the ease in which I was able journey and can only attribute that to the vast knowledge, wisdom and guidance of Rosemarie. She seamlessly wove together an enlightening program that was complete on its own, while encouraging us to continue journeying for deeper insight into the mystery of our true nature and purpose here on earth. Shamanic Journeying is an incredible tool for self-empowerment. In these challenging times, it's comforting to know there are benevolent beings waiting to impart their ancient teachings and gifts of healing to all of us.

My heartfelt gratitude to Rosemarie for sharing this awe-inspiring practice.  Linda Cafiero 

Love this (course), it truly helped me with so much thank you 🙏  Julianne Sullam

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Earth Spirit Clients Speak Out 


Thanks for speaking with Debra - she will be coming in to see you and I know you will help her find her way the way you did for me. God Bless you and all you do.


Anita S.

New Hampshire



I want to thank you for all you have provided for me and Kevin and kids. Your teachings, ceremonies and rituals have given us a foundation to grow on. I don't know how we would have found the light without your love and guidance.

We love you!

Chris and Kevin S. 

Nassau County, NY

*Rosie -

My life has changed since you came into it. Thank you sister, teacher, and friend - you amaze and inspire me with your wisdom and energy.

Annie W.

Kings Park, NY

*Ro -
Thank you for your Rhythms of Ecstasy(TM) workshop. You and Sanga are a great team - his drumming and your teachings. My power animal is still with me, and since my fire offering, I haven't smoked! By the way, how did you do your fire magic?
Love ya,
Kathy Riggins
New Jersey


The trip was outstanding. Thank you for your guidance and wisdom - and I will never ever forget your drumming around our full moon fire circle! Whew!

Annie Dwyer

Vancouver, BC

*Our tribute to Mother in the mouth of the cave off of Lanai beach was one of the most profound experiences of my life. I will never forget.
Blessings to you and thank you.
Lainie Star
Maui, Hawaii

*Dearest Rosemarie,
Thank you for your strength and for carrying me out of the jungle after our ceremony. I was blessed with your presence. Your strength and beauty, both inner and external, are a gift from God. Please come visit us when we are in D.C.
Elizabeth Styles
Brazil, S.A,

*Back in the last century, while nine months pregnant with my first child, my husband (at the time) and I attended a workshop given by Rosemarie Ceraso... It was the start of a special kinship with Ro, one of my most favorite teachers and one of many magical experiences I would have...

Alison Appel

Singer, Songwriter 

Long Island, NY

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