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About Rosemarie 

Rosemarie is a dynamic and powerful leader, teacher and life coach who has facilitated many on their journeys of discovering soul's purpose. Utilizing ancient knowledge and practical applications, she guides and facilitates those on their paths to healing, career and life transitions

My Story

As a Vice President in a Manhattan Fortune 500 media and marketing corporation, my heart and spirit longed for the pursuit of creative endeavors which were more conducive to my natural talents. Leaving the corporate world behind I began my journeys into the unknown as I unfolded my world into Life’s rhythms...

Captivated by hand drums as a young child and later as a college student of anthropology, I became fascinated with African Spirituality and Mythology, the study of the Yoruba and Orishas, and the many rhythmic rituals of West Africa. My academic pursuits led me to explore tribal customs both at home and abroad as I followed my passions of drumming, dance, ritual and universal knowledge which were kept intact by indigenous peoples and ancient tribes. Along the way I had the great fortune to study with some of the most renowned masters of these arts, including the late greats: Babatunde Olatunji and Papa Ladji Camara. As well as Sanga Of-The-Valley, Epizo Bangoura, Yousoff Kumbassa, Julio Jean and Richard Gonzalez, to name a few.

Inspired by these masters I founded Earth Beat in 1992, a non-profit cultural arts organization, along with its performing arm Earth Beat Drum Ensemble. Thus evolved my journey into African spirituality, ceremony and ritual, as well as that of a performing artist. Breaking new ground at the time into main stream and spiritual community, inspiring global unity through the arts  by promoting indigenous drum, dance, and folklore. 

During these years, my gifts as a natural-born intuit encouraged my studies of shamanism and healing rituals, much of which is also percussive related. I studied with shamanic teachers and elders such as Michael Harner, Sandra Ingermann, John Perkins, and the late Archie Lame Deer; chief and medicine man of the Lakota Sioux nation. As well as powerful healers, medicine and bush people in their native lands of Jamaica, Trinidad, Salvador de Bahia and The Brazilian Amazon and its most powerful Madre da Floresta. As well as stateside tribal elders in Arizona as an initiate of the mysteries of the Universe through ritual and ceremonies of the ancient ones.

I am licensed in western and eastern healing modalities including massage, (LMT) and Amma Therapy, as well as certified in various healing arts. As an editor, publisher and writer, I channel guided wisdom through the Piscean vibration of Oceana, influenced I presume by my being born in this lifetime under a Pisces sun during the cusp of the Spring Equinox. And the vibrational name of Na'Shee (One Who Knows) to assist on my path.

Earth Spirit was founded to encompass and coordinate these energies, through teachings and healing services.


Raising my amazing son Rob as a single Mom has been life’s greatest challenge and accomplishment. I aspire to leave this earth with a legacy of love, spiritual evolution and creative memoirs, including the upcoming publication of 3 literary projects I am completing as a road map to Life, Love and Self-Empowerment.

I look forward to meeting you somewhere along the way, in this lifetime or the next.

As it's written, it shall be done. Ashe’ Ashe’ Ashe’

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