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ADAM AND EVE... A new paradigm shift?

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Michelangelo Buonarroti - Hand Of God The Creation Of Adam Sistine Chapel

What are the odds we will survive this next paradigm shift as a global family? This is a warning...

In my much younger days, prior to when any who may read this were even born, or still children, before the onslaught of personal phones and computers, social media, Netflix, quantum physics, virtual reality and all our world encompasses today, I learned through channeled communication of the wisdom of Higher Intelligence, or frequencies, of stories of Lost Continents, ancient civilizations which once existed on earth, such as those of Atlantis and Lemuria. At the time it was believed they were fictionalized places, as many still believe today. Yet many more are beginning to acknowledge the wonders of our world and universe, such as discovering pyramids beneath the oceans and giants who once walked the land, and are beginning to believe there is life in our vast universes far beyond human comprehension. And that ancient civilizations did exist

Under water city near cuba - Costa Rica Star News

such as the two aforementioned, with knowledge far beyond ours. Such as the mathematical genius still hidden within the walls of the Great Pyramids of Egypt and elsewhere, and the many mysteries of our earth still in physical form as reminders. And that there existed highly spiritual vibrational beings of intelligence living in accordance to God’s natural design in harmony with all. Akin to the biblical story of Adam and Eve, without ego driven desires for control. Pulsating and existing from a higher frequency as opposed to a lower one. We have come to name these frequencies, simply put, God vs Satan.

Yet in their evolving brilliancy, over time, such Beings fell into their own ego mind away from natural design. Experimenting with all things possible, thence began the Fall of Humanity from Supra or God consciousness into the unconscious mind of the Ego. Creating highly advanced technologies leading to self-destruction and extinction. Though leaving behind "mysteries". I call them hints. Even highly evolved beings can destroy themselves via their own brilliance. We call this "The Fall".

istock.. Adam and Eve

It's been decades since I became awake to more than what I was taught to believe. I cannot help but be concerned as to the direction we human’s are once again taking. Such as what Elon Musk has warned us about A.I. and its control over all humanity. History repeating itself? We are discovering that once again the Prince of Darkness has seduced billions. Our headlines are full of this. Our children and future generations are already captured and addicted. Our education systems, health systems, science communities, even our places of worship, have been corrupted at various levels as we follow Man's design vs. God's.

There may come a day, once again, that man’s choices will lead the world into an apocalypse of all that exists, except possibly the far corners of the earth where native people still live in tune with the Infinite rather than the Ego. Such as the Amazon, unless greed and deforestation destroys that also. And those who remain are scattered around the globe learning once again through many generations of trial and error, how to survive by Fire, Air, Earth, Water, Ether; living in harmony with. An ongoing never-ending process of evolution. Another opportunity of learning of one’s true existence and following one's true nature over the temptations of Ego. God vs Satan.

Rain Forest Huts - shutter stock

Who will win if ever, on this evolving globe. It is said in the end God always wins, as another blade of grass eventually will break through the levels of earth’s past destruction into a new day, a new dawn. But unless we awaken and arise as a global spiritual family, the game, or experiment, will continue. From what I perceive we are again at a precipice ...

Peace Out,


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