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Language of The Drum:

Learn how to create and integrate our circle utilizing ancient rhythms through the Language of the Drum.

Please bring hand drums. Rentals provided


Full Moon Drumming:

Utilizing the element of Fire, we will honor the energies of this powerful lunar cycle to express and create through the teachings of ancient wisdom and rhythms. Hand drums, frame drums, and percussive toys welcome!


Teachings Around The Wheel:

Universal and Cycles of Life teachings combined with drumming and movement, create a sacred and exciting space for initiation into our Warrior spirit. Frame drums and rattles welcome. Dates to be advised.


Check back for upcoming dates and events

What people are saying...

You haven't lived until you've entered the "boom boom" room of Earth Beat's monthly Jam.
L.I. Newsday

Rosemarie and Sanga of the Valley continue to thrill locals with their high energy drum and dance celebrations. NYTimes Weekend Edition

Enjoyed your exciting performance at Nassau Community - keep up the community spirit! 
Mr. Frank P. Petrone, Supervisor
Town of Huntington

Earth Beat offers a smorgasbord of beats and sounds...forming a unity, losing inhibitions and giving oneself over to the liberating effect of the pulsating rhythms.
Renata Maimone, Oyster Bay Enterprise


...thanks for your boat ride - Jerry and his Drums of Freedom had me vibrating long after we disembarked.   Ian D'Giff, L.I. Voice


Dear Rosemarie,
Thank you for your exciting and uplifting performance and opening our show at the L.I. Music Awards. Sanga did not 
win the World Music category, but it was a close decision - perhaps next year! Thanks again.  Robbie and friends, L. I. Music Awards 


Rosemarie - 
Thank you for the good works you do - you are truly an inspiration to all! May God Bless and keep you in the Spirit of the Drum!
Best always, Janine Riker, BOCES teacher

Thanks to you and Sanga for the wonderful work you did with our students - here are some of their remarks and drawings to show what a wonderful experience they had through the efforts of your organization. Keep up the good works, until the next time -
Regards,  Barbara Tracy, LaSalleCenter,

Dear Rosemarie...
Your funshops are smokin! Me and my friends are practicing the rhythms which Sanga taught us and we are performing them at our next gig.
Sal, Bennie and "Jiggy"


I came all the way out from Brooklyn to see Madou (Dembele) perform in your "Spirit of The Drums" Concert , and it was worth it!
Peace, Abdu Sylla

When you and Earth Beat and Sanga Of-The-Valley all came on stage to perform SAMBA, it was the most exciting day of my life! (almost).Thank you, thank you, thank you, for making SUNY Old Westbury a happening place! And we thought the snow and ice would stop us!! No way! 
Peace out, 
Robert (Big Bob)


Dear Rosemarie ....
I really enjoyed your "Power of One Concert". So much talent on one stage and locally too. Thank you especially for the Young Blood Singers, it is not often we get the opportunity to see our Native American Brothers do their thing, and they were wonderful. My heart is still humming from the night.
Marjorie Allen, Smithtown


Rosemarie -
Your amazing energy was awesome on stage at The Westbury Music Fair.  Thanks for lifting our evening to ecstatic heights!
Light and Love, Donna Russo


Thank you Earth Beat and Rosemarie. Your 9th anniversary of your (Last Friday of the Month Tribal) Jam was the best yet. How do you do it? We were dancing out of our skin with all those drums and you and John and then Sanga's performance and everyone else who added to the night. Incredible! We have never had such experiences in all our years of drumming, and we have traveled far and wide to drum . Thanks for bring this community to our area.
One Love, John and Nancy Everett


Wow - you did it again! We couldn't stop dancing to your beat - and John is dynamic!! When are you returning to The Wetlands? I'll be there with my "posse" again anytime!
Keep it real -
Doug Franken, NYC

Dear Rosemarie...
Your Earth Beat performance at Heckscher Park and the festival through the streets led by you and Sanga was as thrilling as it gets! When are you coming back - my drum is ready for the next one!
Allan Druen


Rosemarie -
Baba's energy is like the high priest - his presence transcends me. I thought I had seen it all with your concerts, but the night with Baba at the Centerport Planetarium was the highlight of my existence! I even got to speak with him afterward as he signed my album. A night I will never forget.
Thanks for bringing me home to the drum.
Joe Blumingfeld, New Jersey

Dear Rosemarie,
Thank you so much for yesterday...Baba was wonderful...he has a magic touch...we came home feeling that we had just returned from a spiritual retreat and it has carried us through. For your efforts we are grateful.
Fondly, Jeff Web

Dear Rosemarie,
Well I must say that our annual Holiday party was quite a unique one due to your energy and the energy of the amazing african drum. Sanga is superb and together you are a dynamic duo. Actually your entire group was outstanding, John, Olympia and Ade - I am still moving to the sounds of your performance!
Many Thanks!
Ellen Stabiner, Chase Manhattan


Dear Rosemarie
I was at the drumming Friday and just have to tell you - it was one of the most intense drumming sessions EVER. Keep up the great work!
Ilona Berzups, Bayville Gazette


Your boat trip was beyond my wildest dreams. Drumming with Sanga and you guys into ecstatic trance on a boat under the full moon on The Great South Bay...does it get any better? When's your next one? 
Peace out,
Rich Stamonos, East End

Rosemarie Ceraso, Rip, Heidi McClure, all of this Group and their amazing spirits giving us African Music and dance, another world opened to me... I get choked up when i remember the day Edgar Mills, my to be Partner...,was invited to play with EarthBeat, and from this discovered we might actually be able to be in a relationship together with the icing on the cake of being able to participate together in our same interests. Down in that Inner Light Center, that's where EarthBeat woke up

my body's soul and atomical awareness...
Lorrayne Mills 


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