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WHAT IS SATAN? (Revised)

Updated: Mar 1

art by Stephen Schreck; "Warrior facing his demons"

Mathew 16:23

But he turned, and said unto Peter, Get thee behind me, Satan: thou art an offence unto me: for thou savourest not the things that be of God, but those that be of men.

A red character with horns, tail and trident living in some fire pit below ground?

Or a vibrational manifestation of Universal energy expressing at its lowest frequency,

Life resonates vibrationally; heaven (above) and earth (below). Including the consciousness of Humans. Duality is a necessity for physical manifestation on our earth plane. Light and Dark. Day and Night. Cold and Hot. Birth and Death. Good and Evil. As well, the rhythms of nature through seasonal and weather patterns. Though programs such as HAARP interfere destructively with that which is natural, as the enemies of God wish to control the weather also as then they control the masses. Many who choose to control have a GOD complex. But their God is the God of Satan, Lucifer the Fallen Angel. Diabolical evil so deep most good people cannot identify nor believe it. Versus The Universal God of Creation.

Pied Piper of Hamelin - Luigi Gonnella

We exist in this polarity, including the ability to propagate between two opposite sexes as most mammals do, no matter satanic energy's pushing for abominations. To increase and walk the earth and seek and enjoy its many gifts.

Yet over the millennia humans are like the story of the Pied Piper being lured as unsuspecting children to their death, once hypnotized by the Piper's seductive sounds. In today's disturbed and often seduced world, many follow this nefarious enemy without knowledge, leading to destruction of one's Spiritual path. Rather than evolve to our innate potential to be a Warrior rather than a Victim.

It takes courage and nonconformity to not subject oneself to the many forms of brainwashing in this physical world of 10,000 things. Which will keep us from our glory. Is this true for all humans? We are created in the time and place best to achieve our grandeur through our karma. Which can be transmuted by individual lessons, some more challenging that others. So be grateful for what one is gifted with; be it family, potential, strength, opportunities, geographic. Not all lessons are equal nor the paths we find outselves at. Use whatever gifts we are graced with wisely. If simply nothing more than a human form to move through the lessons and experiences of our Lifetime. And let no man put asunder.
(Piper art source: (Lui-Gon-Jinn/DeviantArt)

As well as many forms of entertainment today TV and technology is a major tool of mass hypnosis and now advanced technology such as virtual reality has captured most. Many are distracted by the illusions rather than by the knowledge of one's higher evolutionary spiritual path on earth, as each generation falls further from the truth and into the EGO mind instead. Rather than understand how to balance both the false reality vs our true reality. Many are getting lost.

There are self proclaimed unelected "leaders" of the WORLD, at least in their own ego minds due to the amount of wealth they hold. But one can only follow one God. Man or Creator. They believe they are the new GOD along with A.I. and their technology. And their new world order dictates are reaching the masses far and wide. Amazingly many choose to follow them, rather than our Creator who they have been led to not believe in. Yet who created even these ego maniacs. How does one discern and balance rather than fall into the clutches of such control? COURAGE leads to choice, As does Knowledge, through the ancient gifts left us as clues. Not technical but Universal. CHOICE. WILL POWER. FAITH in a higher power of which we are created in flesh and blood, mind and matter. We have come to earth, as a gift, to enjoy, learn, evolve and walk the path of Spiritual Warrior. Not slave. We have ONE Master, who is not embodied in expensive suits and ties.

What we do have equality in is the freedom to choose. To access Universal knowledge which is there for all. At any time a functioning child or adult can choose to know and receive these teachings available to us all, even without human assistance. Through prayer and meditation. Through connecting to nature, both plant and animal. For some this comes natural. For others it comes with much challenge and why any spiritual teachings in youth is a positive as at some point will help guide us to achieve our authentic Self through the integration of the gauntlets and challenges along the way.

We have the opportunity to evolve through our most darkest of hours. As a child many experience that guidance through "invisible friends" they may encounter once in the stillness of night. Why tuning out all technological interference is utmost of importance. Turning off bright lights, tv, wifi for our children and ourselves. Prepare for sleep. Sanctify our day. Forgive what we need to. Learn from the lessons shown. Create a sacred space any which way you can and go within. Prepare to meet our Masters, spiritual guides, angels, teachers, and all who come through from a higher vibration to guide and heal us. Toward our path to self-empowerment and evolution.

Discernment is key. If it feels evil it most likely is. "Be Gone!" is a powerful command to use. Intentionally surrounding oneSelf with the bright Light of our Creator, our angelic Masters, our God presence, our ancestors, or even our loving Self, is utmost to create a safe space. Even as a child; it's important to teach our children the power of prayer as safety nets from fear and vibrational attacks. Even the simplest "As I lay be down to sleep, I pray the Lord my soul to keep, God Bless Mommy, God Bless Daddy, Amen." Or similar, it sets the intention of seeking our higher intelligence to enter into our consciousness. Even of mediation. There are many spiritual paths. This is mine so I offer it. Follow that which is most sacred to must be of the Light and a higher frequency of LOVE.

And for all those children and babies who are used and abused by dark forces, we surround them with prayer and the same bright light of sacredness to help them
in their darkest hours.
Save the Children is more than a phrase to raise money and even to save, but a blessing to guide and protect, if nothing else, giving emotional assistance to the most innocent of our kind when in the clutches of the most evil who prey and thrive on the blood and souls of these babes, the next generations of our kind. If nothing else the power of prayer when two or more are focused together has power over Satan.

It is said man can only follow one Master. Through any ancient Spiritual teaching, be it Bible or otherwise that shares the wisdom of our connection to a Higher Power, that pathway to right choice is made available. Versus a lower entity or person other than our Universal Master, Creator of all things visible and invisible. Therefore the discernment of one's community and relationships in today's challenging world. To create a protective shield around oneSelf and loved ones through Prayer, meditation and discipline. Be discerning as to whom one opens to. Be very discerning.

Today many are seduced by lower energies. Yet all that glitters is not gold. Such as this new world order of technology guiding us away from our inner world of wisdom and higher consciousness to imprison us in brainwashed information rather than Universal intelligence. We have the choice our Ancestors taught us. There are many ancient and sacred texts discovered, whether parchments, scrolls, or cave etchings, which share universal knowledge of a higher frequency, and which pledge to do battle on earth between good and evil. No matter the language of that culture the message remains the same. A Universal knowledge downloaded through the ages from a higher consciousness. Much of the duality of human nature, of choice of higher or lower frequencies, and of initiation through death and destruction of the old to create a rebirth if necessary, be it individual, tribal or even civilization, is at our fingertips. And it has nothing to do with power, prestige, technology or mass hypnosis, rather from within the sacred spaces within our divine consciousness.

rain dance native american - alamy...

The most ancient of earth people's understood this duality as they celebrated the powers with rituals and ceremonies to the best of their knowledge, tapping a higher intelligence then they. Knowledge and discernment of these opposites is so important to our evolution. The enemies of our earth are those who have learned how to manipulate this knowledge. Through mass mind control the pendulum has swung so far Left that an equal mass consciousness is beginning to evolve to balance its destructive affects. Especially now that the enemy within is overtly after our children, our traditions, our way of life, and our very existence. The pendulum is finally gaining momentum. Therefore a Spiritual battle continues.

Some of our most powerful of teachers of such wisdom lived the simplest of lives. Jesus, Buddha, and Ghandi come to mind. And the ancient teachings such

Natara Ja Lord Shiva Statue

as the Hindu God Shiva who taught that there often is a cycle of death (of consciousness) to evolve. And what Shamans, Chiefs, and holy people have taught. My favorite in the Bible is the Book of Matthew. Amazing the wisdom of the most simplest of lifetimes. There are many in the pantheon of earth's ancient teachers who have taught of the cycles of death and rebirth for the intent of evolution here on Earth.

Destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah | John Martin

The Bible holds such wisdom if one knows how to interpret it's many parables such as in Genesis 19:24. Depicted here in the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah...

 I am often led to wonder if this existence is an experiment which humans continue to fail at. It is said many are called but few are chosen. Who then will not only hear but actually walk the path less chosen in the seductive physical world of 10,000 things. Not concerned as to how many failures, encounters, and gauntlets one comes to, but how many, as a Warrior of Spirit, one is Victorious over.

vecteezy - "Forbidden Fruit"

As the story of Adam and Eve depicts, we can live a path of harmony to all that is by following our divine consciousness rather than temptations of a lower energy separating us from our Authentic Self. Rather than by following the King of Darkness, the Serpent, the Wolf in Sheep's clothing, the Medusa with many heads. The choice of words; be it Satan, Lucifer, Devil; Baal, the same low frequency which prevents our evolution while here on earth. When we by choice follow the wisdom of the Universal teachings leading the way to Victory through all gauntlets we may come across on our paths, we are initiated into the Spiritual Warrior. To break through the gauntlets. To be a rebel with a cause. To follow our true path to greatness. One provided by our Creator, not our Captor. To become our authentic and powerful Self while still on earth.

 It's not easy being a Spiritual Warrior. Nor was it easy to be a Samurai or a Mongolian Warrior, or a Shaman or an ancient Chief of a tribe of Warriors. Yet one does not need to be a Monk in isolation, rather a discerning individual choosing what Warriors have been teaching for millennia... to follow the pathways of Truth and Courage. To follow the beat of a different drum. Adding discernment against all that is evil and distorted, birthed from a lower consciousness of Man vs. the higher vibration of our Creator.

A touch of Heaven - Pinterest

Whom has the courage, if not endurance, to swim against the tides of the uninitiated. A battle often of a lifetime on one's journey to enlightenment. To reap the gifts of our Creator rather than to discard them for the temporary temptations of Lucifer as we are seeing in today's contemporary world of corrupt Politics, Pharmacopeia, Entertainment, Educational systems, etc. indoctrinating our children to be less than in body and in mind. Brainwashing our masses and creating havoc against all that is decent. Yet we have access to much wisdom these days compiled from ancient teachings, to be Victorious rather than Victims to all who want to control us. Rather than FEAR walk by FAITH. Rather than IGNORANCE walk by KNOWLEDGE. Learn not just today's technology, but the wisdom of the Infinite which surpasses all knowledge of the human mind. An exciting journey into the unknown. 

Trust in one's super natural powers when breaking from mass consciousness and the world of 10,000 things. As we seek our Creator's guidance for wisdom and strength over a programed mind control we become self-empowered. Evolving into our Authentic Selves. One does not have to sit in caves isolated from others for decades. But to self-educate of the knowledge we each can master against the Beast who prowls around and travels within if we allow, like vampires sucking off our energies. Be it in prayer, meditation or any form which releases us from the spell of the physical world and the Beasts who pursue us. Without drugs, but inner guidance and strength from the ancient knowledge As well as through nature which holds the sacred keys of integration and evolution of one's body, mind and soul.

I've outlined but a simple intro of our Universal existence, and how Satanic energies permeate our day to day life on a global level. It's a beginning step to unite against the Evil destroying our families, our country and our earth. Look to the heavens for guidance and believe that which you discover. Touch the realms of miracles. Walk the ancient paths of knowledge. Seek guidance where you can and DISCERN. As there are many wolves in sheeps clothing roaming about freely with mouthpieces far and wide via media and technologies. Looking to kill, maime, create wars, suffering, and division for the intent of ruling our earth as the one God...Lucifer. We are nothing but collateral damage in the way of their global plans. And they are the obstacles in our way of peace, love and empowerment.

So what is Satan? Fear, ignorance and conformity. A mighty foe who can steal one's soul, one's joy and one's lifetime opportunity to evolve. Eventually all that glitters is not gold but illusion and death of ones true Self. As underneath the illusion is a pit of vipers. Some call it Hell and Brimstone. As it will burn our souls to an eternity of darkness of ignorance and disempowerment. Rather as the LIGHT beings we were created to be. Such power comes from within, not without. Choose wisely....choose the essence of LOVE. And we will Rise again as the Spiritual Warriors we came here to be. Our true and highest birthright.

Heart Shape Painting Sunset Landscape: Amazon
Time is of the essence. Be a Spiritual Warrior in this ongoing battle between God and Evil. We are the Children of God...and this battle is ours.

Photo by Nancy Dion

St. Michael the Arch Angel slaying the demon Satan.

Through to Victory!

Peace Out,

Rosemarie Ceraso




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