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The Truth Shall Set You Free

Updated: Mar 1

MY FRIENDS; It is easy, though discipline is necessary…

TWICE A DAY in the early morning stillness before you rise and again at night before you sleep, give time to your dreams. As the writer/producer of your own play, visualize the life you dream of. See yourself in the part. Be as an innocent child and imagine and believe that it can be yours

in this world of magic and miracles.

CHOOSE to live as if you know of its inevitable existence. Feel it, taste it, breathe into it, dance with it, be exhilarated with it. Have a visceral experience with your vision. And do not falter in your belief. Nor interfer with any other's path. But casting ego aside we let go, let God.

USE YOUR POWER WELL. You alone determine your fate. Do not cast your pearls amongst swine but hold your vision close to your heart and nurture it in a sacred space until such time of its birth into the world of 10,000 things; through your hands, your rhythms, your imagination and your inner strength.

CAST OUT DOUBT and fear and do not count the days looking for results. Rather allow the super-natural unfolding of this dream; as a flower begins from seed, is nurtured through the cycle with fresh water and rich soil, and then blossoms in its own season.

THE VESSEL to receive and birth your miracles is through your body which has been gifted to you. And as a flower, tend to its nurturing in

preparation to unfold the wonders of your existence through the sacred pulsating physical womb of your being…

AND AS SURELY AS LIFE exists one moment to the next without human interference, so too will the Universal Powers of the ever-creative Omnipotent Spiritual Force co-partner with you and evolve the life which is now your existence with the life of your Vision, miraculously weaving both together, and destined to become One.

REMAIN STRONG in this truth and use this gift for your highest purpose, giving thanks for both the blessings and challenges which

present themselves as stepping stones along the way.

AS it has been written it shall be done…

Once you believe

photo source: Pinterest

Blessed Be…

Rosemarie Ceraso ©

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