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SHAMANIC GUIDANCE ... Warrior Training - Level One

Updated: Mar 1

Artist: JoAnne Sullam


Greetings friends -
We come together in a time of much division and upheaval on our sacred planet. An opportunity to gather and remember the Source of our true inherent power, and how to regain it, so not to get swept away in the illusions of man. Rather to become the Spiritual Warriors we have all been waiting for.

To assist my Brothers and Sisters, I have put together a 6 module on-line course following the ways and knowledge of the Ancient Ones which helps guide us back to our true and Authentic Selves. There is no better time to come together in unity and strength as a global family then now. To usher out the death of the old and welcome in the rebirth of the new through the ...

Wisdom of our Ancestors; A Shamanic Journey into Healing and Power

Grandmother of the East by Linda Apple

All levels are welcome...

Designed for those who desire to journey into the mysteries of the Universe through Shamanism, an ancient healing art thousands of years old as taught and shared by our indigenous ancestors across many cultures. A teaching specifically about Journeying from Ordinary Reality (OR) into Non Ordinary Reality (NOR) for the intent of retrieving the wisdom of the ages as it specifically relates to our own unique and individual paths during this lifetime.

Beginners are welcome, as well as those who have journeyed before and desire to take their discipline deeper, and/or to work with a new guide, as each person’s energy is unique and those who resonate together create a new circle of energy which supports the whole community. There is something for each to discover, practice, and unfold as we walk this ancient path.

Ancient Pathways

For beginners this first course is a pre-requisite stepping stone to the more advanced. Each one will guide us deeper into this powerful method of ancient wisdom and healing. And the first steps toward our ultimate Warrior Training.
The ancient art of journeying and shamanism is for anyone on any level, there is no end to what we can do together if we so choose to.

The Introduction Module One lays the ground work and some detail as to the very ancient art of Shamanism. As well as the technique we will be using to prepare for the following 5 modules. Beginning with opening the Circle of energy around our Wheel of Life until we Close the Circle.

photo by Jack Heart

The remaining modules are practicing the art of Journeying. And the lessons and gifts one can retrieve from this world of Animal Spirits, Ancient Guides and symbolic mythical creatures, sometimes waiting lifetimes for us to reconnect. As we consciously train ourselves to move into a state of Shamanic Consciousness, moving into NOR we enter a world of ancient wisdom and adventure.

Each journey and experience is unique for each as our Universe is infinite, timeless and non-linear. It is spiritual training without walls. Shamanism is many thousands of years old before cultures overlapped and were shared. But miraculously core shamanism has roots that are similar for each. It is an art that is universal. Practice is powerful to train oneself to move from Ordinary Reality, symbolically the tip of an iceberg, to Non Ordinary Reality, the part of the iceberg one cannot see.

NOR, non ordinary reality; the infinite arena where one can create from without the limitations of illusions which unconscious man created in ordinary consciousness.

Native American Rain Dance. Alamy...

As we journey deeper beyond time and space we ascend higher into our authentic divine Selves. Thus we then create our worlds as we choose with broader vision and the tools and strength to conquer enemies along our paths.
There will be more levels offered as we continue this journey for those who want to delve deeper into their own ancient mysteries and potentials. Initiations are infinite.

Note: There is no timeline to complete. Once downloaded this course is yours to work with at your pace for your individual growth. The Universe is infinite; the more one practices this art the deeper one can Journey into the wisdom which awaits. A discipline that is life long, as each journey has its own nuances and message.

Our tribe is being beckoned. Will you answer the call? Until our time together I wish you each a Blessed Journey of healing and evolution.

Life is about the story you tell yourSelf...
make it a powerful one...

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MasterMind 6 session course...

Check my website for more info and updates. Join my email list to stay connected for new courses and events. As well as the gathering of Spiritual Warriors to be announced.

Blessed Be...
Rosemarie Ceraso ©

Jaguar cover art by JoAnne Sullam and can be purchased on her site -

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