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OYA - Yoruba Goddess, artist: Francisco Santos

Oyá, A force of nature. The air we breathe, the spark of the storm, hurricanes and wind, lightening, the rainbow, the queen of that which has passed and the mistress of new life to come.

A powerful teacher of release...A Force to be Reckoned with...

Fall, the time of Oya and the Winds of Change. In some Native teachings similar to the West on the Medicine Wheel; the direction of inner contemplation. It is through our conscious participation of this rhythmic dance of nature that transformation can reign supreme. To suffer is human, to evolve through this suffering is divine. As in a Shaman’s death in preparation of initiation, first must come the acknowledgment then disintegration of the old, and the fortitude to dance in the blood of its wake. Then like the Phoenix rising from the ashes, Life can prepare us for the new opportunities on whatever level of existence is destined at that crossroad and in that cycle for each of us.

Fall Equinox, this year in the northern hemisphere in the month of September. The days of summer become shorter to equal the night, and energies begin to shift downward into the earth in preparation for the stillness of winter's hiatus. Our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies also prepare for this transformation of the season.

Fall’s abundance is upon us and we cannot deny to reap what we have sown. If we consciously create our visions and prepare to manifest accordingly, this time of reaping is similar to the fullness of a vegetable garden ripe for harvest. Our thanksgiving table will abundantly reflect what we have chosen to produce. Conversely, when we are unconscious of our connection to our natural design and our innate power to create our realities, we are like the leaf blowing in the wind; where we land is anyone’s guess and may not be a comfortable landing at that. Whether aware of this cycle or not, our body, mind, spirit goes through a natural process of release. As that leaf which falls to earth in autumn, so too do we discharge parts of our existence no longer necessary in the evolving cycles of life, death and rebirth.

The lessons of fall includes CHANGE; the courage and fortitude to let go, shift, adjust. Essential to the ongoing cycle of our soul’s journey during this brief time on earth. What is it that is no longer needed. What thought’s, belief systems, habits, fears, relationships, hindrances along our path of evolution are we being asked, through our discomforts, to release? CHANGE; a challenge much easier said than accomplished and for some more intense than others. Though the cycle is for all.

Emotionally and physically the association with Fall is loss, the sound is wailing, the color is whitish gray, the primary organs involved are lungs/large intestines. Grief, fears, depression, sorrow, mucus, colds, digestive ailments, are some of the symptoms reflecting this release. One cannot stop the process so may as well partner with it. Cleansings and detox, self reflection and journaling, spiritual and rhythmic meditations, forgiveness, faith, positive reinforcements, guided imagery, focus, patience, perseverance, self nurturing, yoga, are some methods of supporting this cycle rather than blocking its natural passage with denial, distractions and ignorance. When we move consciously and in partnership with this natural design, we individually and collectively evolve through our lifetime and reap the rewards of same.

Fall, a time to release that which no longer serves our path's purpose making room for the yet unmanifested miracles we have envisioned for ourselves. Tap this process wisely and let Oya's lessons guide, support and teach us through this universal design of change; death and regeneration.

And assists our initiation to the next level of empowerment....


Rosemarie Ceraso ©

"Oya" by Francisco Santos

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