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Welcome to

 Earth Spirit

A Virtual Learning Center
Body, Mind, and Soul
Self Empowerment...Inspiration...Healing



 I am excited to share with you Earth Spirit’s new website; a virtual healing center birthed as a vision from Spirit many years ago.

Over the years it has morphed into a multi-disciplinary arena for change and evolution through our infinite dimensions. A marriage of Spirit and body consummated by the mysteries of our Universal gifts and embraced by ancient teachings.

Here you will find a portal to guide you through these great mysteries to share many revelations, journeys and healings along the way. Allow me to guide you along this exciting adventure.

My Services 

I offer the following options either in person, phone or online…

     *Shamanic Journey and Soul Retrieval

     *Finding one's Guides and Power Animals

     *Teachings around the Wheel of Life

     *Integrated bodywork/massage

     *Soul and Card readings

     *Rhythm, Movement and Drumming

     *Life Coaching

     *Chara Wisdom


    Each experience is unique to one's path and may often integrate past, present and future. Please reach out for a complimentary phone consult or by email. Or simply book your choice(s) on line. It is an adventure you will not regret.

Have questions? Don't be shy - Contact me for a complimentary consult by text, email or phone.

Shamanic Guidance 

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Massage and Bodywork

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Card Readings 

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